Friday, January 16, 2009

Sleeveless Blouse/simplicity pattern 2896

A closeup of the inside: a quality garment. I love the seam binding on the facing.
This is such a great fabric choice for this garment. I'm thinking about making this in several different fabrics and will post them as completed.

I need to hit ebay and get this pattern. I wouldn't normally 'go' for this pattern, but that blouse has totally sold me on this style.
I like the idea of doing the trousers up in some nice fabric and using them to sleep in or to do yoga. They look comfortable.
I really like the dress too. Elegant. I love sleeveless dresses, and intend to make up a bunch to wear this summer.
All images/the blouse are original content of :
If you want a good timeless fashion/ sewing site--go to this blog.
The projects, tips and workmanship are top notch.


  1. you are my best fan ..... thanks for mentioning my blog. a hug from Barcelona.


  2. Awww, thanks. You're blog is always so useful to me, I recommend it to sewers everywhere. :)
    I did get this pattern (I was inspired :)) and will have to post some of my projects soon.