Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vintage Coat a la Cassies Attic

Wool blend pea coat:
This was not on my list of things to do this weekend.
However. Tonight on etsy, I spotted this. It was love at first sight.
I bought it. :D

I'm very much looking forward to wearing this, it will be perfect for my dress-clothes+hats wardrobe.

tough ruffles+delight

Katie of Made By Hank is currently the featured seller on Etsy. Go Katie!
I had been arguing with myself over getting one of these lovely bags (I have a sewing machine and know how to use it), and finally (as the stock dwindled rapidly before my eyes) decided that I really wanted this one. So I bought it. :)
Pink and oh so pretty.

Cute vintagy fabric on the back. At the rate that she is selling bags I don't know how quickly she would be able to get my order to me. She is probably sewing like her life depended on it. :):):) So I'll be patient (sort of :D) and anticipate the little tough ruffles arrival on someday.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Amanda Archer...

Some-more classic clothing from Amanda Archer...
If you've followed this blog thus far, you know that I'm crazy for trenches. The more vintagy, the better.
Wool. When I'm learning a new tecnique, I always start out with the 'student grade' materials, such as fabric that I got on sale or Wal Mart $1 a yard goods, so that there won't be rivers of tears over potential mistakes. Then, when I've done my muslins, I move on to the really nice stuff, slowly, carefully. :) I can be impatient when trying to get a project done, however, using the better grades of materials (I'm looking at you little swath of hand-dyed premium wool) makes me more considerate, and overall, between the muslin and the slowing-down-because-I-don't want-to-kill-this-pricey-textile, I end up with a better garment.

Lace. I bought some lace fabric recently and have been brainstorming what to do with it...
More beautiful smocking.

Normally, I'm not a bright-coloured-clothing sort of person. Meet the exeption: Blue, I love blue. Peacock, and sky blue and turquoise. So beautiful. Tiffany blue is also a favorite, I'm crazy for the stuff.

White+Off-White from Amanda Archer

There's an article on the etsy blog about white dresses, which led me back to this shop, and her wonderful handmade clothing.
All of these pretties are from:

I love the smocking. I haven't worn smocked clothing since I was a child (which wasn't that long ago, with notes like these you'd think I was 67 or whatever) nor have I learned to make it (yet!) but I will soon. So brace yourself for a smocked creation sometime this year. :):):)
Details! I find myself ever increasingly impassioned with love for flowers. I collect them, both paper and fabric, vintage and new. Every time I go antiquing I hunt all over for millinery flowers.
I love the double darts/pleats that she uses on these shirts. I like garments that are tailored to make the waist lines more graceful. Not surprisingly, I *love* princess seams.

This is a classy little number in coat-ville. A dress coat actually. Lovely.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mayflower Dress

I spotted this dress on the front page of etsy and I really liked it.

Mayflower dress from:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yoshimi's Rose

I posted this on first, however I liked it so much, so I decided to post it here too.
This is a rose brooch I made as a custom order for Yoshimi (whom I first became aquainted with on Burdastyle).
I'm very happy with the way this turned out, now I want one. Well, I guess I know where to get one. :D

It is a large flower, so I put two pins on the back instead of one, to make sure that it doesn't wobble around.

{Etsians I like: Angela Liguori}

I spotted this etsian this morning.
She has gorgeous Italian ribbon+other goodies in her shop.
Be sure to check out her other site:
and her lovely blog:
I love red and white.
I just bought some of these to use as 'labels' in my handmade garments+accssories,
if I really like them I'll probably get some more.
I love the way she presented these items visually.
Italian cotton ribbon=great for stamping.

{Etsians I like: Thread and Petal}

I spotted these the other night on my travels through the web+blogs+etsy.
These lovely flowers can be found at:

I love the use of tulle.

Valentines day: Hat Love

Valentines day, time to discuss an old flame of mine: Hats! We've been in love for a long time...
Here are some pretties from asst. etsians...
I adore this hat!!! Those florals drive me distracted! I love it. I'm always on the hunt for lovely vintage flowers. Silk and velvet are major favorites, cottons etc. coming in afterward. Again, if I ever saw a flower like this...drool.
Elegant! Great use of a way fancy detail (the huge bow) on a unobtrusively colored hat.
Beautiful! Gorgeous subtle details, such as that little dip off to the side of the brim.
I have some fabric like this and have been waffling around about what to do with it...
Elegant trimmings: Again I *heart* velvet.
Another lush hat with a really big bow. Gorgeous with the burgundy.
Great everyday hat! I like the little notched in the brim.
I do wear hats everyday. :)