Monday, March 23, 2009

Mens dress shirts: Refashioned

I'm not quite sure how to get a pic up for this link so you'll just have to go check it out:

I'm in the process of refashioning lots of men's dress shirts, and this is the best tutorial I've spotted yet.
I'm going to have to have another 'go' at my projects really soon/do some posting of final products.
Procrastinate, procrastinate.

For the love of Monochrome

Some gorgeous monochromatic picks from forever21...
A lovely satiny bolero+smocked all over.
So elegant... tasty.
Pretty tee!!

This little guy is only around 12.50= I think I'm in love. I'm on the hunt for great summer hats and this one is totally in the running. They also have it in a natural straw color too. Maybe I'll get both. :D

This is an excellent idea for a tank top or tee makeover.
How about this for a tee shirt?
I really like ruffles. :)

Pretty: nice pleats.
Black lace: another textile/trim I just love. It's not too sugary. This application is lovely because the light tone in the underskirt shows off the details in the lace. I think I want one.
I adore the flower detail on the side: so pretty!
Fun. :D
Black makes funky details like this suede pom instantly subdued and more elegant.

How pretty is the detail work on this skirt?

I passionately love spectators, though I could never pull off a heel this high. My feet would hurt.

Friday, March 20, 2009

FREE BLOUSE PATTERN: get it while it's hot!!!!

*****For this week only (which is almost over!!) you can download the PDF pattern for this lovely blouse from for FREE, normally it's for sale. So hurry over there and get this one while you can. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Sale ends too soon.*****
I would have posted on this pattern much sooner, except that I've been royally distracted with other stuff this week, and only just noticed it. I would have been horribly disappointed if I noticed it too late. That would have been a pity party. :D
I've been drooling over this pattern for some time and am totally delighted to have a chance to get at this pattern. I want to make lots of them as they have so many of my favorite elements.

I thought I would post a nice example of this blouse. I always love looking at Yoshimi's creations.
Her work is so well executed and so well suited to her (check out her sewist blog here: ).
The skirt is another Burdastyle pattern. Very nice.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Persephone Vintage

I spotted this etsian over on thecherryblossomgirl blog.
I thought that whoever took the photographs did a good job.
These are a lot like the photo's that I adore from those Japanese sewing books.
These pics are from:

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I found these gorgeous vintage garments over at

Gorgeous. I've never seen a red corduroy trench before. Tasty.
I just drool over these kind of skirts. They were very, very popular in the 1950's and a little into the 60's. I want a revival of post WW2 Dior style. It rocks.
I'm liking this striped underskirt. So pretty. :)
I like my polka dots. This is the right kind too. Not too gaudy.

More perfect polka dots. :) I love these skirts. I want to make skirts now. :)

Saturday Spectators

Well, this wasn't on my list of things to do this afternoon.
I did a quick random search for spectators on etsy (I'm still looking for the black and white kind) And happened to spot these good-looking little numbers.
They're size 9.5, nice short kitten heel, navy+white,vintage and in very good condition.
I bought these from :
I love spectators. :D
I hope that they can ship these to me next week. I read in they're shop policies that it could take 2-4 weeks? to arrive, unless otherwise requested. I requested. I'm always antsy to get and play with by new 'toys', like a kid waiting for their ice cream at Baskin Robbins.
So tasty.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Spectators

I have recently begun a love affair with spectator shoes (I never knew what they were called before, if you're like me and are a super curious-trivia junkie look here for the 411 on specs.
Well, anyway, I was fussing last night to my chum Alex about not being able to find those adorable vintage shoes in my size (my feet are a size 9 when we're talking pumps, I can sometimes wear size 8.5's when they're flat).
I have been looking for: firstly: Black and white, I saw them on a movie a month ago, and decided that I really liked them. Secondly, brown on brown, and after that brown on white/cream, red on white/cream, or navy on white/cream.
These shoes were not originally what I was after, however, they are vintage, they're my size (I measured my feet before ordering to make sure, most vintage sellers DO NOT accept returns, so I try to order savvy) they are not scuffed all over the place, the heel won't murder my feet if I wear them for more than 5 minutes,
and they are oh so classy and oh so pretty.
Love at first sight.
I didn't buy them right away, I left for town to run errands etc. and I just kept thinking about them and by the time I got home, I was to the 'I have to have them' overheated shoe shopper stage. Time for a little classic style.
I've been spring cleaning my wardrobe/closet, and am shocked by how many shoes that I have whose overriding characteristics are: Foam, neon leopard or striped patterns, and 'too big, too small, too pointy'. Yikes. Time to have the shoe collection grow up just a little.

I'm surprised that I couldn't find these in my searching last night, kudos to Alex for spotting these.
Mine,mine,mine. :D All mine. Yay. :D
I wonder how soon they will come...
I'm going to enjoy these.

{I bought these from: } :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More from Robyn Ruth...

I dropped by this shop again today, and I just fell for these buttons.
Sooo... I got them. And they will be on their way to live in my house. :):):)
I love buttons.
It seems to be button week...

Lovely! I'm not sure what I'm using them for just yet, but I will cook up a special project for them.

Very pretty color.

More Vintage buttons...

Some lovelies that I have gotten via ...
Happy buttons.
I seem to have this compulsive need for vintage buttons. Red buttons are in the top three.
They're like cherries. I think I will go eat some real cherries, I'm in the mood after looking at these.
Elegant silver buttons. I'm not sure exactly what I plan for them, but blazers or boleros would be good.
Pink. Tasty. I have a lot of pink clothing that I'm working on.
This is a really pretty set all around, but I really love those little pearl buttons.
I am thinking about making some white clothing. Hopefully I won't stain it to death too quickly.
It's so pretty, and so high maintentence.
Chocolate: rich, flexible, useful.
That long row of 11 buttons in the middle were what made these a neccessary addition to the collection. They're so cool.

More strawberry buttons. Happy buttons.