Monday, January 19, 2009

More from MadeByHank...

I love her sense of color!!!!
I have some-more items from
I'm on a roll :D
It seems to be 'purse, tote and clutch' Monday.
I love this design. I just love it.
This is my idea of a fabulous book bag.
Magnetic snap+a wonderful lining.
This is *sadly* something that I found in her sold items.
Maybe I can sew a red bookbag with a chocolate lining.
It probably wouldn't look like this one though.
Valentine, sweet.
Another bag that would be fabulous for books, files, magazine or a laptop.
Sweet, sweet, sweet!
Lovely! Notice throughout these photos, the unusual tags, they have little vintagy animal figurines/buttons attached to them. I do love special packaging.
I like that she put stripes on the inside: fun. :D
I wish that my sewing was this neat, I guess that's why she's a pro :D
Maybe I just need to make more purses :)

I l-o-v-e this color, how pretty!
More loveliness.
She just posted a bunch of new goodies, and they're going fast:
get them while they're hot :D
All photo's are from
Isn't her styling neat?

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