Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eclectic Eccentricity

These are from a site that I found from a link from one blog to another, and then yet another link from the second blog: ahh, the power of link!
The web address for these lovely pieces and the others of their collection go to: . Very tasty+rather vintagy.
Nice rings. I have some ring blanks on the way, and I have some vintage cabachons etc. that I have ordered lately, so I should get busy and make some pretty rings.
I need to look for some brass, esp. ages brass findings. I like the subdued nature of the vintage brass, I don't like warm metals to look too flashy.
These pieces are wonderful examples of the tones that I'm talking about.
I also really like lockets, I don't own many though, just one I think.
I may have to remedy that too...
I just love all of the thumbnails in this pic.

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