Friday, January 23, 2009

{Etsians I like: Squid Sense}

I just spotted this seller from over on
This seller of *amazing* handmade flowers etc. can be found here:,
and here:
I have lots of her gorgeous stuff here, but there is more to be seen, so be sure and check out her lovely shoppes for more info and eye-candy.
Lovely aren't they?
How's this for a cool upcycled LBD?
I love the petal work she does (gorgeous!), I make these types of flowers too and it takes globs of time.
Check out the rings: I've never seen ones quite like these.
In the upper left hand corner: check out the rather cool upcycled leather purse replete with signature lovely flower.
A close up of one of these wonderful little rings.
So pretty!
All pictures are taken from: Squid Sense.

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