Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anthropologie: Past and Present

How pretty is this jacket? I love this color, and the details are lovely.
Details. Details.
Another elegant/classic style of coat. I really love long coats.

This dress is very old fashioned and elegant. It has a little touch of edwardian flair to it.
Now this outfit is romantic. I love the skirt.
I adore this shade of barely pink, and how great is the pin on the lapel?
Another gorgeous jacket. I favor blues with a touch of green in them. So pretty.
More lace. :D

How pretty. I love the way the buttons veer off to the side.
This would be so cool as a dress.
More blue!

Another gypsy skirt.
On my "Ideal garments list" is a red jacket--this is close.
If I am to have a garment that absolutely matched to a concept that I have had-I will most likely need to make it myself.
I do love this jacket though...

I like white clothes, but I have a terrible time keeping them perfectly clean
This blouse is just lovely, maybe I just need to work on my maintenence skills.
LBD! I adore this one. The lace is fabulous.
Nice line. The button detail is a little out of the usual type of design.
Check out that hat= I like.
Elegant fashion.
To the best of my knowledge all of these garments are or have been made for anthropologie.com, and all pictures are sourced from there or the anthro catalogues.

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