Saturday, March 14, 2009


I found these gorgeous vintage garments over at

Gorgeous. I've never seen a red corduroy trench before. Tasty.
I just drool over these kind of skirts. They were very, very popular in the 1950's and a little into the 60's. I want a revival of post WW2 Dior style. It rocks.
I'm liking this striped underskirt. So pretty. :)
I like my polka dots. This is the right kind too. Not too gaudy.

More perfect polka dots. :) I love these skirts. I want to make skirts now. :)


  1. Oohh, I love the grey blouse that she modeled with her skirts, as well as the cute suit dress. I'd like one. :-) Have you decided about the trench? I think it would look cute on you. (Yes, I'm an enabler)

  2. I forgot about the black striped underskirt. Very adorable and vintage. :-)

  3. I really do love the coat. I need to make a few orders before I go for it... I might ask her to reserve it for me...