Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Truly Outrageous Zips

These are such pretty colors.
I'm sewing up some dresses right now and I happened to look at my zipper hoard last night only to realize that I didn't remotely have the right colors and types.
I'm not going to use a vintage metal zipper on a rose-pink brocade dress, I'd feel like a couch cushion. :D
So I hit my beloved etsy this morning to scope out the zipper market and located this one: .
I had some questions about some junk and she was super helpful in trouble shooting (thanks Jen! :)) and to ice the cake, she's shipping them this afternoon, just hours after my order.
I'm a happy zipper shopper.

I love these colors!
I didn't realize how passionate I was about pink until I reviewed my craft hoard and purchasing history. I probably have a dozen pink dresses that I'm working on, from shades of peachy-pink to darker shades. I'll have to get them posted as I complete them.
The close-secondary absolute favorite color in my collection, blue.
I am in love with tiffany blue. Madly in love. I have gotten some odd and sundry swathes of ribbon in this color. Some of it I got during an incredible 75% off sale, various widths of satin ranging from 1/2-2 inches wide. So tasty.

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