Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Spectators

I have recently begun a love affair with spectator shoes (I never knew what they were called before, if you're like me and are a super curious-trivia junkie look here for the 411 on specs.
Well, anyway, I was fussing last night to my chum Alex about not being able to find those adorable vintage shoes in my size (my feet are a size 9 when we're talking pumps, I can sometimes wear size 8.5's when they're flat).
I have been looking for: firstly: Black and white, I saw them on a movie a month ago, and decided that I really liked them. Secondly, brown on brown, and after that brown on white/cream, red on white/cream, or navy on white/cream.
These shoes were not originally what I was after, however, they are vintage, they're my size (I measured my feet before ordering to make sure, most vintage sellers DO NOT accept returns, so I try to order savvy) they are not scuffed all over the place, the heel won't murder my feet if I wear them for more than 5 minutes,
and they are oh so classy and oh so pretty.
Love at first sight.
I didn't buy them right away, I left for town to run errands etc. and I just kept thinking about them and by the time I got home, I was to the 'I have to have them' overheated shoe shopper stage. Time for a little classic style.
I've been spring cleaning my wardrobe/closet, and am shocked by how many shoes that I have whose overriding characteristics are: Foam, neon leopard or striped patterns, and 'too big, too small, too pointy'. Yikes. Time to have the shoe collection grow up just a little.

I'm surprised that I couldn't find these in my searching last night, kudos to Alex for spotting these.
Mine,mine,mine. :D All mine. Yay. :D
I wonder how soon they will come...
I'm going to enjoy these.

{I bought these from: } :)


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  2. YAY! This post put a huge smile on my face. I'm SO happy that you were able to buy them, and they'll look great with your wardrobe!!
    Congrats on the first comment, too. :-)

  3. Thanks Alex. I just thought these were too good to pass up. :)