Monday, March 23, 2009

For the love of Monochrome

Some gorgeous monochromatic picks from forever21...
A lovely satiny bolero+smocked all over.
So elegant... tasty.
Pretty tee!!

This little guy is only around 12.50= I think I'm in love. I'm on the hunt for great summer hats and this one is totally in the running. They also have it in a natural straw color too. Maybe I'll get both. :D

This is an excellent idea for a tank top or tee makeover.
How about this for a tee shirt?
I really like ruffles. :)

Pretty: nice pleats.
Black lace: another textile/trim I just love. It's not too sugary. This application is lovely because the light tone in the underskirt shows off the details in the lace. I think I want one.
I adore the flower detail on the side: so pretty!
Fun. :D
Black makes funky details like this suede pom instantly subdued and more elegant.

How pretty is the detail work on this skirt?

I passionately love spectators, though I could never pull off a heel this high. My feet would hurt.

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