Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Vintage buttons...

Some lovelies that I have gotten via ...
Happy buttons.
I seem to have this compulsive need for vintage buttons. Red buttons are in the top three.
They're like cherries. I think I will go eat some real cherries, I'm in the mood after looking at these.
Elegant silver buttons. I'm not sure exactly what I plan for them, but blazers or boleros would be good.
Pink. Tasty. I have a lot of pink clothing that I'm working on.
This is a really pretty set all around, but I really love those little pearl buttons.
I am thinking about making some white clothing. Hopefully I won't stain it to death too quickly.
It's so pretty, and so high maintentence.
Chocolate: rich, flexible, useful.
That long row of 11 buttons in the middle were what made these a neccessary addition to the collection. They're so cool.

More strawberry buttons. Happy buttons.


  1. I love her buttons, too. I know the set that I bought from her was marvelous.

  2. A few of these were ones that she was so kind as to trade with me for, and the rest were ones that I bought this past week. :)
    I'm on a rampant vintage button kick.
    Actually, I'm on a vintage kick in general. :)