Monday, March 2, 2009

My Wish List...

Most of these things are fairly specific (in my own mind at least), so that I will no doubt, make them myself.
25 things that I wish to own, because they are pretty or useful:

1. Cherry Red Corduroy clutch (purse :))
2. Black hat with purple vintage velvet violets
3. Blue dotted dress
4. white blouse (w. some fancy detail...)
5. Pearl jewelry esp. a necklace
6. Black dress with a circle skirt
7. Dk. pink sleeveless dress
8. Cherry dot blouse
9. Grey wool hat with a big burgundy rose+leaves
10. Deep plum satin shirt-dress
11. Long smoke blue dress coat
12. A bag with ruffles
13. Light blue blouse with little puffed sleeves
14. Gold fancy ring with coral cab.
15. Grey blouse
16. Black kitten heels
17. Lt. Pink Sleeveless dress
18. Color-block satin/amy butler skirt
19. lace fingerless gloves
20. Lt. Blue Dress
21. Messenger bag (for books/very sturdy)
22. Green shirt-dress
23. Pink blouse with tiny ruffles or pintucks
24. Long olive dress-coat
25. cherry red shoes

Again, most of these I will make, and will post accordingly. :)
I plan to sew this week, some how, some way, I'm going to squeeze it in.

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