Monday, November 30, 2009


{{{Here it is...the moment you've been waiting for...insert little drumroll here...}}}
The first of a series of giveaways:
the kit from my shoppe:

a little bunch of each:
*blue roses
*scarlet roses

2 yards of each:
*blue/mint/white striped cotton twine: on a scalloped chocolate tag
*peach/cocoa/white striped twine: on a scalloped chocolate tag

*4 teaberry dotted pillowboxes
*4 blue dotted pillowboxes
* a dozen cherry red/ivory laurel tags

For a little while I wasn't sure who the other sponsor was,
they have donated a fabulous 17 rolls of this beautiful Japanese tape:
I've been drooling over this type of tape for some time now, I may just break down and get some...

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go to

good luck!! :)

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