Sunday, November 22, 2009

Highlights of my pretties...

I'm an obsessive compulsive crafter. I craft everywhere. Anytime. I kind-of wish that I could craft in my sleep. These are a few (I've listed sooo many things: so you'll just have to go to the shoppe to see the rest ;D) of my "craft" projects of this week...
I made 8 of the large dyed fabric roses, this one is so tasty.
I went to Omaha yesterday (we go to Whole Foods: place of frolicsomeness, We're plotting Thanksgiving feasting, as the rest of Omaha seemed to be judging by the crowd). After all of the grocery store adventures, I, with a wallet that has been on a diet, went to Michaels. That was such a dreadful idea, so many tasty toys, so little time and $$ (I'm making myself save most of what I have---for now). I was practically drooling. I made myself a list, and a promise to return with wads of $ so that I can get some crafty person toys. :):):):):):):):):)
Another of my favorites, I like blue.
I've been going crazy trying to keep up with my ideas for my shop this week (I'll take the creative spasms as they come ;)), I took my notebook to the book store, and wrote down 3 pages of things that I wanted to create. It will be a busy week, so wish me luck tapping into that list.
This one would look so charming on a hat... maybe I should shop around in my own stuff :):):)
I am making a gold themed Christmas tree this year and will be making my ornaments this week (scrambling to get them done by Thanksgiving :)) and intend to use liberal amounts of glitter and cuteness.
I've been wanting to do some floral envelopes for the shoppe for a while now, I just did 3 colors, I think that I will do more in the future.
On Friday I started work on a new dress: it's based off of a vintage dress that I layed flat and traced. It's a pinkish floral type of cotton. If the weather cooperates I'll post pics when I'm done.
I made lots of these type of flowers...
And even more of this style of envelope...

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