Friday, November 13, 2009

a little bit of history...

I have been reading blogs for some time now.
It's interesting reading about other bloggers heritage and quirks.
So far I've avoided posting much of anything personal about myself.
Today, in honor of my blog-switching, I thought I would post something along those lines.
Hopefully this won't be too boring... hahahahah...

50 kind-of random facts about moi:

(what am I eating? Chocolate? that started whilst I was young...I'm about 2 1/2 years old here)

1. Pink. I love pink.
2. I have been drinking a lot of cocoa lately
3. I was homeschooled
4. I live in the countryside
5. I'm 5 feet 8 inches tall
6. My home was built in the 1880's
7. My favorite film is "Chariots of fire"
8. I would rather buy something old and shiny from a flea market, than something new
9. I wish I had a British accent, everything just sounds cooler
10. I like to put lots of stamps on my personal letter=envelopes, I wonder if it confuses the postal people
12. I adore cherries
13. I have a bin full of vintage buttons
14. My Dad and his parents+siblings immigrated from Canada
15. I collect vintage coats
16. I love Etsy (smooches to whomever it was that first thought it up)

I'm the one on the left...I like the ensemble...maybe I need to revise that coat style and make one to wear now...

17. I'm the middle of three sisters
18. I'm almost 21 years old (old age! ha)
19. I wear essential oils rather than perfume (I can't stand musk-ick)
20. I am left-handed and very biased about it :D
21. I love playing games (monopoly, cards, etc.)
22. I run like an old lady (I shuffle :D)
23. I started listening to Christmas music in October...well---it snowed...I was in the mood
24. I sew most of my own clothes
25. I've been studying the science of graphology
26. I just learned how to paint on silk (I'll post my creations later)
27. I gravitate towards heavily embellished, embroidered, beaded shoes, which always contrasts with my cotton and wool wardrobe
28. I remember information more easily if I write it down, hence my heap of notebooks
29. I love victorian architecture
30. I drink apple cider vinegar+water
31. I tend to rip the crust off of bread as soon as comes out of the oven, and have a bad habit of trying to eat foods before they've had a chance to cool off...
32. My favorite work of fiction is "the secret garden" by F.H.Burnett
(I also love the little princess, little lord fauntleroy, and the lost prince)
33. I love prowling around Whole many recipes to try, so little time...
34. I seem to read a lot of Childrens literature
35. I look forward to watching the national dog show every Thanksgiving (fluffy dogs? Much better than sports ;))
36. I still have the same killer hat style as is featured in the photo above...
37. I have a lot of hats, they are overflowing my current storage...
38. I love dresses
39. I have painted my walls pink, blue, pale green, and golden yellow.
40. I love good photography
41. I view cats as a requirement in life
42. I'm a geek for trivia
43. I love clothing styles from the 1950's
44. I'm more likely to be run over by a herd of antelope that to be seen in jeans
45. my favorite music is classical, and I adore opera
46. I have a large-ish collection of floral cotton fabric
47. The North clan goes Caroling every year, my Mum, sisters and I are all alto singers
48. I love Christmas, it's wonderful
49. I love dark coffee and chocolate
50. I'm making stuff for a's cute...stay tuned ;)

That's a ridiculous lot of I's... it will have to do...

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