Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day: Hat Love

Valentines day, time to discuss an old flame of mine: Hats! We've been in love for a long time...
Here are some pretties from asst. etsians...
I adore this hat!!! Those florals drive me distracted! I love it. I'm always on the hunt for lovely vintage flowers. Silk and velvet are major favorites, cottons etc. coming in afterward. Again, if I ever saw a flower like this...drool.
Elegant! Great use of a way fancy detail (the huge bow) on a unobtrusively colored hat.
Beautiful! Gorgeous subtle details, such as that little dip off to the side of the brim.
I have some fabric like this and have been waffling around about what to do with it...
Elegant trimmings: Again I *heart* velvet.
Another lush hat with a really big bow. Gorgeous with the burgundy.
Great everyday hat! I like the little notched in the brim.
I do wear hats everyday. :)

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