Monday, February 9, 2009

{Etsians I like: Oh Hello Friend}

O.K., This isn't just an etsian I like (as the familiar blog post title states), I just love this etsian.
I read her adorable/cute/inspiring blog everyday:
go on, I know you want to sign up and follow this blog too, just take a moment before finishing looking through this post...
You're back? O.K., now go see her shop:
I like this bracelet, I found it whilst puttering through her sold items, waiting for my computer to upload photo's.
Yes, they are this cute in person. I bought these. I couldn't resist. :D
I bought this too. It is on it's way to me even now as I click.

I really like these birdies as well.

She packages everything so nicely. I love opening things that are thoughtfully designed.
I'm very picky about the packaging that I use too. I love to wrap presents.
These are like getting presents in the mail.

I just love these too. Esp. the top three.


  1. aw, thanks for the feature! :)
    you are too sweet!

  2. I love your stuff. :D
    And I guarantee you I'll be back! :)
    Keep up the cute work.