Friday, February 6, 2009

Bakers Dozen

After frittering some time flipping through pages of purses on etsy, I thought I would post some things that I like...This cute striped bag comes from:
Very vintage pattern on the fabric: I love it.

This one is made out of vintage Victorian tapestry, and lined with silk. Drool.
This lovely little number comes from:
It is made of corduroy: I could become good friends with a bag like this.
I bet it has a great hand feel.
Another gorgeous eastern-ish bag from
This bag is made out of a velvety home-decor weight fabric.
I love those satin pleated ruffles--sugary!
This bag comes from:
I love the candy-argyle, this bag comes from:
This one has a sort-of vintage menswear feel to it. I love the argyle (I appear to be on an argyle kick today). This seller uses such nice quality materials for these purses. Again lined with silk. Tasty.
I should have featured this seller under my 'etsians I like' posts, because I like so many of their items.
Another lovely botanical creation from:
A lovely gathered bag, handmade in Italy:
A little version of the gathered bag, again from:
I like this color, another from:

Hand-embroidered mod little purse from:

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