Friday, February 6, 2009

Ruffles and Ramblings

Aaah: lovely, gorgeous, elegant, feely.
These ruffles would take patience to make...

Check out those cool sleeves.

Here are three blouses, cut of the same style, with different widths of striping. I like all of them.

Ahh, breathe deeply, release your inner woodsy self...
More tasty ruffles!

I *heart* this one. It's not very expensive either. hmmm.
The same blouse, only in a lovely blue-green.

Ever since I saw this one I have been brainstorming on ways to turn tee shirts into dresses. I do like jersey dresses, as long as they are cut 'right', too tight in all of the wrong places is never flattering for anyone. I bought yards and yards of lovely, very fine/soft to the hand, jersey around the holidays, and am trying to figure out which dresses I want to make with them. I have a habit of picking out a few basic items and wearing them to death. Literally. The seams on my favorite denim have just unraveled. I feel as though I'm in a race with time to get my clothes made up before my current ones die. :D I've been on this kick for upcycling and making my own stuff rather than buying the much more expensive stuff from shops. I just have to conquer my intense impatience, I have rushed with projects many times and regretted the unusable items these moments have created. I managed to make 4 usable items and 1 unusable item this week. :D My 'go to' projects seem to be accessories, esp. hats and handbags. I need to expand my horizons, go forth and blaze a trail, try a new pattern. My fabric collection is bursting at the seams (see 'holiday sales') while my closets look like they've been on weight watchers. I must sew---I also need to post the stuff that I just sewed. Anyway, after that speech, I think I should toss in the fashion towel for the night.

Oh, and the lovely garments you just viewed in this post are from

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