Friday, April 3, 2009

Remember the Red Trench?

Remember the red trench from this post?:
Weeeell, after arguing with myself for a couple of weeks, I finally decided to purchase this garment; In the middle of the night (around 2 or 3 am actually). Inspiration strikes at any hour.
It was a matter of hours just before our computer collapsed. Aaaaaaahhh!
That was close, I'm glad I got it.
That also happens to be the reason why I haven't blogged or posted or listed anything since the 27th of March. I actually started getting into other things (such as sewing myself some new clothes) and began to realize that I really do fritter a ton of time on the computer.
It was startling.
I have also been going through a bunch of audio books while I've been sewing (instead of watching all of that television/I watch a lot of the food network while I work),
and really loved it. I finished the series... I think I will listen to it again. :D
I think I want that to continue on a little more.
It's nice to get things done.
I will need to post/list more stuff very soon though. I need to make flowers.
I should also post the 'creations' that I've been making. I'm working on getting some 'blocks' made up so that I can mix and match them to create garments without having to make new patterns every time.

It came today. It fits exactly. I like it. :) It's darker and more burgundy than the photo shows. It's pretty.

It's so nice and long. I saw a long red coat on a great masterpieces/BBC/Victorian film and I've really wanted one ever since, this isn't an exact replica (of course/vintage, not antique) but I really like it. :):):)
I should get off of the computer (where I've begun my fritter-some ways once more) and go do something.

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