Friday, April 3, 2009

Lots and Lots of dresses...

O.K., so I have a ton of pics. Yes, I've been drooling.
I 'discovered' tonight and have been admiring the goods.
Here are some dresses that are neat.

I'm *crazy* for this dress: I want a pretty LBD shirtdress like this. They're all sold out. Waah.
I'll have to go fabric shopping and kick myself into gear and make one. That's cheaper anyway.

Pretty. I love the colors, the pleats, and the puffs.

How gorgeous!! Lovely and vintagy.

I'm taking a fancy to these white and black or red or brown dress.

I love this dress. It's fun.
Another drool-worthy white dress.

I love black lace. I adore sleeveless dresses. I like this dress.

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