Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Polly Danger

I spotted this shop on the etsy front page, and started 'geeking' out in a very seamstress-y way.
Ack. I bought a few buttons.
The hand-made revoltingly c-u-t-e bias tape was so appealing, but I went with the buttons...
For now...
I'm a sucker for buttons. And cute packaging.
And I also fall pretty easily for little polka dots.
Good enough to eat. :)

Here are some of these adorable bias tapes. They would look great on a sundress, apron, or a tote/bag/purse.

This kit is so cute. I've been using that word to excess, however I simply cannot help that. :D
If I didn't have a veritable arsenal of sewing supplies, I think that I'd have to have one. :):):)
I love this one!
I like the use of scallops and stripes that I see throughout the goods.
What is it about this bag that screams--Frenchy, sea-side and summer?

I'll use the word again----cute!!!


  1. No you are cute! I think we're cuteness twins separated at birth- PD

  2. Oh, this shoppe looks so sweet! And yes, c-u-t-e! I'll have to stop by.